Saturday, December 10, 2016

Martin Hospitality Sign Ups

If you received my November newsletter, you know I have lots of sign-ups for Martin Hospitality's impending release! (More on that here.) Probably a little ahead of schedule by sharing these now, but the sooner I get replies, the more organized I will remain. Or that's the idea, anyway.

First, the cover reveal! I don't have a date for this yet, but am aiming for early January. After some deliberation and consulting of friends, I have decided that I'm not just going to post my lovely cover on my blog for you all to admire, you're going to post my lovely cover on your blog for your readers to admire! If you'd like to, that is. You will mainly be posting pictures of my cover and linking back to me and the Goodreads page! But you'll be free to do whatever else you want. If you don't have a blog, social media posts would also be great, so sign up anyway! This will be my method for pre-release hype so I would love it if you'd participate! Fill out the form below if you're interested so I can e-mail you when I have more information :)

Second, the interview questions! This goes along as part of the blog tour below, but I want to give you all a chance to ask me questions. Bookish/writing questions, things about Martin Hospitality and my writing journey ... something along those lines :) Normally, blog tour participants get to ask questions for the author interview (if they choose to feature one) or I answer a set number of questions that they all get to post answers to. I'm strange and really despise reading through long interviews that are the same for every participant's post :P SO! I have come up with a solution. You all get to ask me questions that pertain to my book's release. Depending on how many people sign up to do an interview, I will answer a certain amount of questions in vlog form for them to post on their blog. Each vlog will answer different questions and appear on a different blog :) Cool, right?! So the more questions (and people who sign up to do an interview) the better! Here's the form to submit questions:

Third, the blog tour! Okay, you do need a blog for this one. The tour will be taking place Saturday, February 4 (release date) through Saturday, February 11. I hadn't planned to do it after my release date, but upon reflection, it didn't make much sense to do it before when I can't guarantee pre-orders will be an option. This way, everyone who learns about my book through the tour will be able to go buy a copy! Per usual, you give me your information and select the day and type of post you would like to do. I cannot imagine having too many people fill 8 days of promotion, so please spread the word with anyone you think might be interested! 

I'll briefly explain the three types of post you can do so that there is no confusion!

  • Review ~ I send you a digital ARC two weeks before the release, and you give an honest review of my book on Amazon and Goodreads (if you have it). I will want all reviews posted by February 3, so they're up in time for the release :) This does me a huge favor! You can post your review on your blog or just link to it, making it easy to combine with another option :)
  • Spotlight ~ You post my cover, blurb, and about the author I provide you. Whatever else you choose to say in order to promote for me is purely up to you! The nice thing is you don't have to read the book before your post for this option. Just share your excitement, some links, and information :)
  • Interview ~ As I said, these are going to be vlogs in which I answer different sets of questions you all submit (above). Because this will merely be a Youtube video you can link to or embed in your post, don't be afraid to double this up with the previous options! Remember the video will be unique to your post. :)
Sorry, that was a lot of information :P But now that you understand what the blog tour entails, you can sign up for whatever sounds fun! Again, I'll e-mail you all the necessary information, attachments, and details closer to time, as well as a schedule to approve.

Thank you so much for signing up!! These sign ups will be open for the rest of the year: ... 3 more weeks ;) Sign up for as much as you want and tell your friends! This is going to be a lot of fun!


Sorry, I hope that all made sense! What did you sign up for? Do you have any questions? Are you excited?!


  1. *screaming* I'm so excited for this!!!

  2. *fangirls over Josiah crazily* *glances at people around me* I'm not crazy. Move on. *fangirls over Josiah again*

  3. AHH THIS IS SO EXCITING FOR YOU!! I'm more than willing to help ^-^

  4. Yay! I'm so excited to be able to participate in your blog tour! It's going to be so awesome!!

  5. *hugs* Oops, sorry...I forgot you probably wouldn't appreciate that. *stiff handshake* Very excited about this. I cannot wait until your book is in my hands.
    Ok, I can't keep a straight face anymore. *grins* SUPER DUPER EXCITED RIGHT NOW!!!!!

  6. Awesome news! If you need me for anything other than what I signed up for, let me know! I will be sure to like/repost all your social media stuff when I can. :D Congrats!!

  7. *signs on the dotted line* YAY SO EXCITED

  8. YIKES, I SOMEHOW DIDN'T SIGN UP UNTIL TODAY?! Eheh. And then I realized the blog tour was taking place during my blog hiatus. o.o Buuuuut there's no way I'm passing up the chance to participate in your blog tour! So I'm gonna post once during my hiatus anyway, just for you. COUNT YOURSELF PRIVILEGED. ;)


  9. Nooo....I can't believe I missed this! :( But eeeeppss...this is so exciting! Hope the blog tour goes well! :D


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